Throw or Be Thrown! – Team Suples

Don’t be intimidated when it comes to training with our Suples Speed Dummies. They are becoming very popular as a self-defense and fitness training tool. Once you and/or your clients learn the proper throwing techniques (which you will find on our instructional DVDs) you will be able to integrate this training into any workout. The Suples Speed Dummy will not only build confidence, but we guarantee that it will get results in strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and coordination. Remember, wrestling builds more motor skills than most sports. Wrestling not only increases physical agility and strength, it teaches how to properly and effectively train the mind and body. That is why wrestling is the foundation of Suples Ltd.

Suples Ltd. is well experienced in different models of training dummies that are beneficial for wrestling, MMA, self-defense, and general fitness. Based on the type of training you need for your individual goals, we have a Dummy for you. We are proud to say that our wrestling throwing dummies were purchased for supplying all the combat sports during the 201 2 London Olympic Games. When it comes to speed dummy training, remember nobody knows more than Suples.

Why train with Speed Dummies?

We are very proud of our wrestling background because it gave us the knowledge for creating functional training programs, for not only professional wrestlers, but for anyone who loves functional fitness.

If you are already following our Suples Training and have basic knowledge of using the Bulgarian Bag, H.I.R.T.S., the Gladiator Wall and Suples Fit Ball, you can use the dummies! You will see how all the Suples components carry over and build the fundamentals you need to become confident and motivated to accept the challenge to integrate the Suples Speed Dummies into your daily workouts.

Remember Suples Throws are So Much Fun!

Throw or Be Thrown!