• Strength and conditioning training
  • Variety of exercises
  • Easy set up
  • Variety of additional accessories


The Gladiator Wall® is designed for indoor strength and conditioning training. Easily installed in your wrestling or training room on any empty wall. The Gladiator Wall allows a variety of strength, conditioning, and isometric training as well as explosive power exercises. Additional accessories that connect to the wall allow total body training.

If you are interested in multiple units, please contact us directly.

Important: Please make a note that we have made improvement with the angle connection of the Gladiator Wall (Please see photos below). Each Gladiator Wall will come with a user friendly instructional guide and instructional exercise DVD from creator Ivan Ivanov.

*The max load tested for the Gladiator Wall is 400 lbs.

Note: A free instructional DVD and installation instructions will be provided with every Gladiator Wall® purchase.







The Gladiator wall is the foundation of the Suples Gym. There are multiple attachments that are available with which you can do a variety of exercises and make your workout more effective:



The Gladiator Wall Rope is a valuable accessory and will make your Gladiator Wall training much more fun and effective.

This tool is particularly useful if you don’t have a high ceiling but wish to in corporate rope climbing into your workout. With a pair of Gladiator Wall Ropes, you can do interval battling and not worry about running out of space.

Our rope is flexible, durable and will last you for a long time. Climb fast and battle intense!



If you already have the Gladiator Wall in your facility, the Gladiator Wall Belts are a must have training tool for you.

This training tool is specifically designed for the Gladiator Wall and gives you many ideas for different pulling and pushing exercises. Along with those, the Gladiator Belts will help you train your abs but will not damage your wooden pull-up bar as some other belts will do.

For those who enjoy regular pull-ups and chin ups, but are having a hard time due to lack of strength, the Gladiator Wall Belts will help you gradually build your strength. For those who are looking for challenging variations of pull-ups, the Gladiator Belts can do that as well.



The Dip Bar is designed to be mounted to the Gladiator Wall. The training allows you to do regular dips and dips with your feet still on the floor. The Dip Bar provides great chest, shoulder and abs training. The Dip Bar is made to fit athletes with different shoulder width. Each athlete can easily set the dip bar to the most convenient shoulder or chest width. Holds up to 350 lbs. weight. Easy to remove from the Gladiator Wall.

Our new and improved Dip Bar comes with two stabilizers connecting the two parts of the Dip Bar. This option gives you more stability during exercise. The space in between the two parts of the Dip Bar can be adjusted by using the knob behind the connecting stabilizers.

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products



The Gladiator Wall Bench is designed to be attached to the Gladiator Wall. It is a great tool to take your core training to the next level. The Gladiator Wall Bench can easily adjust to different levels of inclines so you can switch up your exercises quickly and safely. If you have a Gladiator Wall, you will definitely want to add this accessory to allow you to add new routines and switch up your workouts. You will be able to do core exercises in every plane of motion, with or without weights. With your Gladiator Wall Bench you will get results!



This unique training device is designed to be an essential accessory for the Gladiator Wall. With easy installation, great durability and low cost, this product is a perfect fit for the Gladiator Wall.

Based on friction resistance, the workouts for upper body and interval training are very effective. The ability to weave the rope and change the resistance makes this training tool very user friendly. The Gladiator Wall Drum Pulley Friction is beneficial to all athletes of any age or fitness level.



This video shows Ivan Ivanov (The Creator) explaining the elements of the Hirts W Attachment and how to set it up. This tool was created to attach to our Gladiator Wall. But it doesn’t stop there, this is a great accessory that will attach to other Suples tools such as our Dip Bar and Bulgarian Bag. This is a must have to complete your Suples Gym.

The H.I.R.T.S. W-attachment is the perfect tool to fit with our Gladiator Wall, Dip Bar and Bulgarian Bag.