Suples Fit (Level 1)

In order to reach the level of Suples Fit, each candidate must go through the training course and successfully pass all the required tests for each particular Suples training equipment. Suples Fit is the first basic training course.

Benefits of reaching certificate level Suples Fit:

With reaching the level Suples Fit, you will receive a certificate from the Suples Training Systems,LLC. The certificate for level Suples Fit is proof that you have been trained and instructed by the original training and educational company of the Suples product. Your Suples title will be, for example: Bulgarian Bag Instructor -Level Suples Fit or H.I.R.T.S instructor -Level Suples Fit. This level will give you the rights legally to train and instruct others on the product, but not to run courses on behalf of Suples Training Systems.

source: www.suples.com

Bulfit Ltd. is the authorized official representative of Suples Training Systems in Canada.